May 2024 Newsletter

Three weeks on, our counsellors at Life Bloom continue  supporting the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy caused by the floods in the early morning of April 29th 2024. 

As the families continue to pick the pieces towards figuring out the next steps, hundreds of children have not rejoined school for the 2nd semester 2024,  families have buried their loved ones and need support to navigate the stages of loss and grief, other families never recovered the bodies of their loved ones yet and most of the survivors are still living in the rescue camps. What is most comforting is that day by day, a glimmer of hope is returning for some of them, it will take much longer for others, hopefully, the distant ray of hope will be a reality.

This is the reason Life Bloom counsellors in partnership with other counsellors will be on the ground for the next three weeks and if possible continue with some identified cases needing continued support. Art/Play therapy for children not yet back to school is on going, sessions with the youth (especially those between 18-30 years of age and often forgotten during interventions) are on going. 

Counsellor supervision and debriefing is held every Wednesday at Life Bloom office, facilitated by a bro-bono professional counsellor. 

I would like to thank each one of you who has supported and continued to support the interventions. Mai Mahiu, the place where this tragedy occurred, is about 20 miles from Naivasha town. Naivasha town is the headquarters of our Naivasha Subcounty, Mai Mahiu is at the far end of our subcounty. Thus the need for counsellors to be supported for their travel and other logistics. Thank you for the support. 

The children art work has benefited from pencils and drawing cards and stick-ups donated by  Friends of Life Bloom in Seattle, and which I brought back with me from my trip to the US in April 🌻 The kids can express themselves and light up their world again through art and play. 

Click on the link below to watch a Child Therapy session facilitated by one of our counselors.

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