Together, disrupting socio- cultural/systemic cycles of human trafficking and exploitations through survivor led interventions!

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For Girls, Women & Children

Women and girls received counseling, psychosocial support & leadership training since 2004
Women started new businesses
Women & girls received sanitary pads between 2019 - 2023


Life Bloom sees a world where vulnerable women and children survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation regain choice and control over their lives, health and livelihoods in order for them to develop the independent and safe future they deserve.

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About Us

Life Bloom promotes peace building through inclusive partnerships between communities, government, and other key players.

Our Mission: We exist to support, guide vulnerable women and children survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in need of safe spaces by disrupting socio- cultural/systemic cycles of human trafficking. We adopt the survivor-led interventions to develop a safe future and become dignified leaders they deserve.

Life Bloom Services International is a women-led non-profit organisation founded in Sept 2004 working with vulnerable women and children survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation  in Nakuru, Narok and Nairobi Counties in Kenya, to regain choice and control over their lives, health, livelihoods in order for them to pursue a safe, prosperous, and healthy life of their choosing.

We are a team of women committed to supporting vulnerable women and children survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation and those at risk of trafficking. Life Bloom has successfully trained and graduated 2,132 women and girls (and men too) who
would otherwise not have had an opportunity to receive any structured education and learning opportunities that are beneficiary centered. Our expertise in survivor-informed approaches has made us offer services to  13,688 beneficiaries through counseling, direct assistance, SRH and menstrual hygiene, and mentorship.

We are a small core local team, comprising seven members of staff based in Nakuru and Narok Counties, in Kenya. We are supported by Partners and The Friends of Life Bloom U.S.
(+254) 722 695 890

What We Do (Core Program Components)

Any woman or child that comes through Life Bloom’s doors, or is referred to us by an institution, community member, or community leader is invited to an initial, personalized introductory session. In the session, we identify the services and support that will initially be required to make sure they are safe and healthy. The support and services are modelled around Direct Assistance Approach of the 4-Ps pillars of: 

      1. Prevention: Advocacy, Lobbying, Capacity Development
      2. Protection: Rescues, Safety, Access to services
      3. Prosecution: Access to legal justice through partnerships with Court Users Committees (CUCs)
      4. Partnerships: Engaging with Government, Community leadership and Holding each other to account



Advocacy and Lobbying

Training of lobby teams, community mentors, awareness creation, community dialogues, policy change engagement with the government. It also includes peermentorship programs



Protection and Safety

Rescue, shelter placement, access to initial services like mental health services, medical services, sanitary towels and life skills education. Includes direct assistance support for human trafficking survivors and community counselors.



Individual and Household livelihood empowerment for change of their narratives through Direct Assistance Approach

Building communities' resilience to change their narrative through capacities for survivors and vulnerable groups to rise above poverty situations, take the lead in interventions for prevention and response to violations. This includes education support for children and the 6-STEPs curriculum for women and women groups.


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Parternships through Duty Bearers and stakeholders in the Community

Collaborating with partners to strengthen delivery of justice and other services while holding each other to account. Strengthening government led systems and bring the community on board for inclusion, ownership and sustainability. This includes Court Users Committees (CUCs) for Naivasha Law Courts.


Our Activities

A gallery of our activities 

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Our Impact

Our impact so far

2018 - 2024
Basic Education

We have supported 142 children in their basic education

2020 - 2021
Family Planning

126 family planning referrals and and 470 HIV patients served.

2014 - 2024
Child Protection Services

97 children supported and referred to child support services

2021 - 2022
Scholarships Abroad

55 women enrolled for EBU scholarship courses, 39 graduated.

Covid-19 Vaccination

Accompanied 87 women for COVID vaccination appointments


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More Information

More than 41% of Kenyan women report having suffered physical or sexual violence from their spouse or partner according to a recent Demographic and Health Survey Report 10% of young girls in some parts of Kenya engage in transactional sex in exchange for sanitary pads (according to UNICEF)
In the long-term, we foster a community o mentors and group support systems, for both women and children that allow individuals to access support and guidance for many years to come, and continually keep moving in the direction that they want their life to go.
We need to continue providing vital support to women and children across Nakuru County, and expand access to our services, as well as referral to further services and opportunities. There is an increasing number of women and girls in need of support to regain choice and control over their lives. Guided by our Strategic Plan, in the next 4 years we intend to reach 445 women and girls with the opportunities that we have proven can support them in pursuing a safe, prosperous, and healthy life of their choosing.
Since 2004 we have worked with more than 13,688 women and children across Nakuru, Narok and Nairobi Counties. We have worked with funders and partners such as Equality Now, the Global Fund For Women, Friends of Life Bloom USA through Umoja Church & Myriad USA, the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund, and the United Nations Slavery Fund. We also have long-term partnerships with the Nakuru County Government, the Kenya Red Cross, and the Naivasha sub-county Children’s Department. - Provided counseling to 13,688 women and girls - Provided long-term support to 206 women - 55 women enrolled in European Business University - Trained 66 peer mentors - Seen 80% of women start their own businesses - Installed 1 water tank - Rehomed 5 women 80% of whom have created a business - Seen 149 women generate a total of $133 per month in revenue from their business

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  • Area Advisory Council
  • Nakuru County Gender Technical Working Group
  • Kenya Civil Society Alliance Working Group

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